Extra Innings

If all goes well I will celebrate my sixty-eighth birthday in March, a milestone my wonderful father, Charles Shaw, and his father, Grady Shaw, never reached. This blog, Alone On A Limb, will celebrate its tenth anniversary this fall. I didn’t expect either of those blessings. In a way, I’m into extra inning. I still have lots of bucket list items to check off. I am in reasonably good health. I’d like to keep going.

One goal has been to get my online presence consolidated onto terrellshaw.com. Today begins that effort.

For now, I will keep my over 1000 blogspot postings available at aloneonalimb.blogspot.com. Eventually, I’d like to have those posts glued right into this site, if I can figure a way. One of my great regrets is losing the several thousand comments that were a part of that blog. They included some very uncomfortable discussions, but also some warm and/or enlightened and/or informational additions to my posts from friends, relatives, and complete strangers. I will not soon forgive the folks associated with Haloscan/JS-Kit for just trashing those when they went out of business. They say that nothing online ever is truly gone, but I have found no way to retrieve those comments.

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